Blockchain Tech 

As the new era of technology comes into focus as the EnGeniux team strives to be one of the trailblazers in the new Blockchain decentralize era of new platforms. We see the potential of new Blockchain tech  and smart contracts bringing so much value to spaces like health, tech, science, music, games, financial, social, business, search tools, and social media to just name a few potential markets. With our OTON Infinity artificial intelligence PC hybrid we want to be the first company to completely reinvent the PC into a fully automated Blockchain assist platform to help people with daily task and business goals. 

Currently, the OTON  system is rated as a Level 2  At this stage, the system has basic artificial intelligence with some basic deep learning aspects. The user can control the system with more complex voice commands and natural language application present. The system can do basic self-content creation such as create basic software apps, drawings, images and designs (wallpapers). The system’s hardware is semi-AI and has the ability for basic automation functions. The user controls the device/computer 75% of the time and has some autonomy with limited automated predetermined options. 

Even though our technology is still improving we see even bigger advantages to incorporate smarter tech in our systems, products, and software. At EnGeniux we want to build a community of forward-thinking developers, artist, writers, etc to help us create a system that is fully flexible and modular for adaption. We see the Blockchain as the tool to help us achieve these goals over the next 5 or 10 years.