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The OTON Intelligent Personal PC 

If you’re ready for the future, you’re ready to experience the new EnGeniux OTON INFINITY PC  system. The OTON INFINITY was designed  to allow our customers to benefit from next-generation artificial intelligence software and hardware. We redesigned everything from the ground up. We modernized the user interface and completely improve the hardware. Your PC is the most unappreciated device in your home and we felt it was time to make it the most valuable tool in your home. Secure your place in line with an early reservation preorder. 

 The Vision

“My  vision was to create something unique yet serve a purpose to help people with the everyday task, offer on-demand entertainment, plus provide a financial outlet to create passive income for families and entrepreneurs as the new A.I. smart economy approaches.” I envisioned OTON as an affordable A.I. virtual assistant  robot in a box that could accomplish all these things .”

--Derrick Samuels, EnGeniux OTON Creator & EnGeniux CEO

Customize Your System

The OTON Infinity will be highly configurable with a number of available options. We need a goal of 2K to 5K units to meet our production goals. Our Premium base unit is expected to ship this year. You will be asked to make option selections of your unit during reservation on the OTON.io website. (Reservations are not yet available)

OTON Media

“Samuels truly believes that the artificial intelligence software he has created into his gaming console is a “game changer” and is the “future of the next generation of gaming…done right.” When you have a determination like Samuels, reinventing the wheel is a piece of cake.”

--Maleeka Taliha Hollaway, HuffPost Contributor

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