OTON Infinity

The PC of the Future


The OTON Infinity PC – An All-New  Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Lifestyle PC, 4K Projector and Entertainment Hub Smart Home All-In-One System!

The OTON Infinity PC is truly a revolution in the world of PC hardware , A.I. and Entertainment. 


The OTON Infinity PC – Your Imagination Made Reality 

Have you ever imagined owning a PC that’s smart? That can learn as you use it? That can be customized for your own unique needs, and configured to be the perfect computer for you?

Well, you don’t have to imagine any more! At EnGeniux, we’re revolutionizing the traditional world of PC and consoles with a premium, next-gen machine that includes advanced AI and machine-learning technology – and integrated it all into a gorgeous, perfectly-designed package that fits your lifestyle!


The Next Generation PC

With the OTON Infinity PC we set out to do something incredible, we set out to build a truly revolutionary product with no limits or boundaries. It was time for a new PC, a PC with intelligence, and most importantly a PC that would change your life forever. Welcome to the OTON era! 

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