About Us


About EnGeniux

EnGeniux was founded by OTON creator and inventor Derrick Samuels. After being laid off from his job the former Marine set his sights on the video game industry. He shipped his first console in 2009 using Linux as a working OS. The product line quickly evolved, innovating features such as cloud storage and voice recognition software . The EnGeniux OTON Infinity will continue that level of innovation with new AI, autonomous content creation, deep learning and Blockchain applications. The OTON Infinity is a PC, Entertainment Hub and 4K Projector all-in-one lifestyle system. Learn more about the new OTON Infinity artificial intelligent PC at OTON.io. 


New Innovation & Ideas

 At EnGeniux we strive to create and innovate new ideas that will bring value to society. Our small team has over 15 years in the tech, software and entertainment space. In 2019 our goal is to continue to push forward in new markets and sectors.  


The Artificial Intelligence Era Is Coming

  We see the world changing as new artificial intelligence products come online over the next few decades. We introduced the first A.I. powered console toward the end of 2012 and we continue to be a pioneer in emerging A.I. products and services.